Twenty Five years ago we founded a company built on a simple formula: performance and quality.

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LowRider rod series was the first low profile guide system. It transformed high performance bass fishing.  More guides, closer to blank, increased casting performance and sensitivity.  Introduced in 1995, LowRider prototypes were used to win the Bass Master Classic that year.  This year we build on our tradition of innovation.

LowRiders receive a major update.  Dubbed the LowRider 20, these rods have new weight saving, ergonomic grips, a new even lighter guide system, and a crisp new look.

We are introducing a new aerospace grade carbon material and resin system in select Cara models, “Cara ST.”  The higher modulus, higher tensile material results in a blank that is lighter, stronger and more responsive.

Even with constant innovation, we remain true to our roots.  Experienced American craftsmanship and the finest components available—all backed by decades of first hand fishing know how.  We appreciate the support of our customers and friends.  See you on the water.

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Exclusive to Cara ST-new ultra-high tensile strength carbon fiber material. Lighter, Stronger, Quicker Response,

This year we are proud to recognize Jason Christie’s achievements with a new signature line of rods. Being from nearby Park Hill, OK, we have known and supported Jason from the beginning of his career. We’ve always known him to be a great guy and fishermen but his recent success was truly remarkable--a BASS Elite win in his rookie season, 7th in the Classic, two FLW wins and three more top tens.

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The Falcon story began in 1990.  Armed with a fresh set of rods – lighter, better components, the right actions – John Beckwith took prototypes down to one of his favorite fishing spots, Lake Falcon in South Texas. These rods had specific actions to do specific fishing tasks like fishing thick grass with plastic worms, casting and retrieving crankbaits, and putting the right action on walk-the-dog lures. “We caught fish, and on the way back home from Lake Falcon we knew we had a good rod, and we also knew the name.”

In 1991 John went to the Tulsa Boat Show and introduced anglers to a new line of rods -- Falcon.  There were just a fraction of the number current number of models then--and just one series.  Local fishermen took notice and a strong following ensued.

In succeeding years, Falcon unveiled models for Carolina-Rig fishing, for jigging in heavy cover, for shaky head presentations, spinnerbaiting, crankbaiting, finesse jigging, worm fishing and much more. Many were the first models designed for a particular technique.  For example, non-sponsored pros bought and used the first LowRider “Lizard Dragger.” These were rods with a purpose.

Quality has always been at the bedrock of the brand.  “Early on we knew that if a customer broke a Falcon rod it would be tough to restore that angler’s confidence,” he said. The finest components like Fuji and carbon fiber materials—even when they cost a little more.  With USA blank production and assembly on most models, tight controls are in place at every step.  Before shipping to a customer, every rod undergoes a final inspection and demanding flex test.

Now 25 years later, we’re still true to our roots--making the finest fish-catching tools that earn your faith and confidence.  We appreciate your continued support!