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The falcon story

Built on a foundation of over thirty years experience and know-how, Falcon continues to develop cutting edge equipment for the most passionate fishermen. Such pioneering advancements as our Lowrider guide system, purpose-built rod actions, and the Crossmatch technology featured on our Expert Series have helped establish Falcon Rods as an industry leader. However, technology alone is meaningless without knowing how to apply it. That’s where Falcon’s decades of on-the-water experience comes in. From peacock bass in the upper Amazon basin, largemouth and smallies on Table Rock, to tarpon on the St. Pete pass, we’ve been there.

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A brand was born

It was back in 1990 that Falcon founder John Beckwith and his fishing partner, George Neal, traveled to Texas to fish Choke Canyon with some then unnamed, and as yet unproven, specialty rod prototypes. While most rods at that time were 5.6 or 6 ft. medium action models, they took 6.6 medium/heavy rods with fast tips and powerful butt sections. At Choke Canyon, John and George met a guide named Marty Brown who suggested they try Falcon Lake. They loaded the boat and headed south. It was a great trip. Big fun, bigger fish... and the new rods performed extremely well. On the drive back to Oklahoma, it occurred to John that “Falcon” would be a perfectly fitting name for these new rods. The following week, a trademark application for the brand name “Falcon” was successfully submitted and Falcon Rods was born.

product Innovation

For 2021, we are reintroducing the popular Cara rod series. These all-new rods boast a strength to weight ratio at a new level. And that’s really saying something! High-end Fuji components are used throughout, combined with our own proprietary, ultra-secure, locking nut. But what really puts the new Cara rods ahead of the pack are the blanks. All Cara blanks are now made with a newly developed carbon fiber that is both high strength and high-modulus. This “best of both worlds” composite is made possible using of a new, cutting-edge, nano-alloy-based, matrix resin technology. Incredible balance, sensitivity, durability, and faster actions are several of the benefits realized by using this advanced carbon fiber.  Best of all, we’ve kept the same fish-catching actions that our most demanding fishermen have come to expect.

building the best

Our deep roots in fishing and spirit of innovation allow us to deliver the best to those who share our passion for the sport. Now, 30 years later, we are still working hard to make the specialty action rods experienced fisherman demand. We are very grateful to have their support and realize their recommendations and results have helped make the Falcon brand what it is today. The best in the industry.