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Rod & Acc.

Below are Falcon model specific videos covering several models within a rod series. Each video features a Falcon pro angler describing what baits they like to throw on a particular model of rod. **All rods in series may not have video. We ask for your patience as we plan to cover all in the future.**

Cara series

Cara All 'Round

Cara Amistad ft. Bradley Hallman

Cara Amistad ft. Mike McClelland

Cara Big Bait

Cara Deep Runner

Cara Deep Runner

Cara Dragger 1

Cara Dragger 2

Cara Eye Crosser

Cara Finesse Jig

Cara Finesse Rig ft. Luke Palmer

Cara Head Turner

Cara Heavy Cover Jig ft. Bradley Hallman

Cara Heavy Cover Jig ft. Mike McClelland

Cara Jerkbait ft. Jason Christie

Cara Jerkbait ft. Mike McClelland

Cara MH Spin

Cara Medium Cranker

Cara Medium Heavy

Cara Medium Spin

Cara Pitching

Cara Super Duty

Cara Swim Jig ft. Bradley Hallman

Cara Swim Jig ft. Jason Christie

Cara Swim Jig ft. Mike McClelland

Expert series

Expert Amistad

Expert Amistad XH

Expert Finesse Jig

Expert Toledo Special

Expert Topwater ft. Bradley Hallman

Expert Topwater ft. Jason Christie

lowrider series

Lowrider All 'Round

Lowrider Amistad

Lowrider Bladed Jig

Lowrider Composite Cranker

Lowrider Jerkbait

Lowrider Mansfield

bucoo series

BuCoo 5' Ultralight

BuCoo 6' Ultralight

BuCoo Amistad

BuCoo Carolina Lizard Dragger II

BuCoo Cranker

BuCoo Cranker II

BuCoo Cranker Spin

BuCoo Deep Runner

BuCoo Finesse Jig

BuCoo Heavy Cover Jig

BuCoo Herm

BuCoo Lizard Dragger

BuCoo Open Hook

BuCoo Panfish

BuCoo Pitchin' Stick

BuCoo Series

BuCoo Shoal Spin

BuCoo Spinnerbait/Jerkbait

BuCoo Streamside

BuCoo Super Duty

BuCoo Swim Jig

BuCoo Trap Caster

BuCoo Treble Hooker

BuCoo Ultralight Casting

BuCoo XD Cranker

EVO series

EVO Casting (VFC-4-166)

EVO Casting (VFC-4-17)

EVO Casting (VFC-5-168)

EVO Casting (VFC-5-17)

EVO Casting (VFC-7-173)

EVO Series

EVO Spinning (VFS-1L-16)

EVO Spinning (VFS-4-17)

hd series

HD Casting (HDC-66M)

HD Casting (HDC-66MH)

HD Casting (HDC-68M)

HD Casting (HDC-73H)

HD Casting (HDC-76M)

HD Casting (HDC-7H)

HD Casting (HDC-7M)

HD Casting (HDC-7MH)

HD Series

HD Spinning (HDS-66H)

HD Spinning (HDS-66M)

HD Spinning (HDS-76M)

HD Spinning (HDS-7M)

HD Spinning (HDS-7MH)

slab series

Falcon Slab Series

Slab 10' Jigging

Slab 13' Forward Facing

Slab 15' Forward Facing

Slab 5' Spinning

Slab 6' Spinning

Slab 7' Jigging